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Technological equipment

The filling and control systems of AVK 01.1 automat are placed in a special 1CC container in accordance with the ISO 668. The dimensions of the container are: length = 6.058 metres, width = 2.438 metres, height = 2.591 metres. The inner areas of the automat are equipped with a system of active ventilation and an automatic extinguishing system.

The technological equipment is divided into four basic parts:

  • A double-shell cubic tank with a capacity of 5 500 litres or 9 975 litres or 13 740 of stored fuel and vapour recuperation.
  • A filling module containing all the necessary hydraulics for filling of the fuel.
  • An electronic module for filling control, communication with the customer and the transfer of information to a network administrator.


Payment system

The contact-less chip card operates using the MIFARE® technology secured by the RSA protocol. There are 3 different types:

  • Card of fuel supplier (identification of the supplier, access to pump module only) will make filling of AVK possible.
  • Service card (identification of employee, access to internal space of AVK) will make controls and maintenance possible.
  • Customer card enabling issue of fuel to customers
    • electronic wallet (customer identification, detection of finance level on the card), designed for the public
    • ID card (customer ID) designed for non-public filling stations.


The customer can, for every electronic wallet, within the scope of his account and after entering his PIN, check it on-line on an Internet:

  • Disposable amount of the money on the account.
  • Place, date, hour and quantity of fuel dispensed.
  • Place, date and hour of electronic wallet charging.
  • Place, date and hour of electronic wallet blocking.


Station network administrator

The automat network administrator is constantly and automatically informed about the condition of the individual automats in the network. The administrator is notified in advance to refill the tank with the fuel. The administrator is continuously informed about the condition of the automat, which helps to perform the required maintenance so as to avoid the system breaking down. The information about condition of individual parts of AVK can be send to the service centre as a SMS on GMS, computer, telephone etc. The administrator is able to control the automat from a distant place i.e. the switching on and off of the automat, the setting of fuel prices and the updating the lists of blocked electronic wallets etc.

All the steps taken by the administrator are recorded and then processed in the administrator’s database system. This system represents an essential mechanism for the control, maintenance, processing and the recording of the administrator’s technological and financial information, and runs non-stop on the automat network administrator’s server.

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