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 Advantages of AVK TOPMATIC

The advantages of AVK application:

  1. Easy mobility – all the equipment is placed in a shipping container

  2. Minimizing of administrative problems as AVK TOPMATIC is not a construction, but a product

  3. Low-cost operation (no salary etc.)

  4. Quick investment return

  5. Power by standard 230 V network or by generator (as the customer needs)

  6. Self – service, no need for attendant (continuously monitored, wireless data transfer)

  7. device is certified in accordance with EU regulations


  8. Environmentally friendly operation

  9. Protection against the explosion

  10. Electrical and electronical part are separated from the hydraulics and from the fuel tank

  11. Part of hydraulics and a tank has an air – exhausting device

  12. If the concentration reach 25% of bottom explosive limit then the air – exhausting devices automatically starts to work and if the concentration reach 50 % of bottom explosive limit then the Mobile Filling Station automatically is switched off

  13. The shipping container protects the tank against damage and leakage of stored fuel

  14. The tank is protected against corrosion

  15. A fire extinguishing system developed originally for Russian space research is placed in the container

  16. There can be two types of fuel in one container

  17. There is possibility of creating formations of AVKs

  18. All the doors (access holes) on the container are closed and continuously monitored

  19. The level of fuel in the tank is monitored

  20. There is a special slip road - it is a licensed solution of a special operational mobile catching and cleaning auxiliary area and additional cleaning area

  21. Roofing of handling area with built-in lighting, optionally camera supervision protects customers against the bad weather

  22. Applicated software enables many statistical outputs

  23. Cashless system avoids the burglary

  24. Different prices and advantages for individual customers can be set up

  25. Many kinds of promotions, Happy Days and other marketing tools are possible

  26. Loyalty bonus for loyal customers can be offered

  27. Display, cards and walls of container can serve for advertising

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