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General information AVK TOPMATIC

TOPMATIC proudly presents an original design based on the worldwide patented technology of a large-capacity automatic petrol station intended for dispensing of liquids and gases. It is simply a shipping container with an internal tank and equipment allowing fuels to be dispensed without the need for an attendant.

AVK - Reference - Praha

The device is intended for:

  • areas with a low density of traditional filling stations , villages, resort areas
  • airports, ports, construction sites and freight yards
  • logistic centres
  • state administration and local government for handling crisis situations (areas affected by catastrophes, floods or war conflicts)
  • security forces–the army and police (fuel supply in crisis areas)
  • factory filling stations
  • enlarging the services in recreation facilities, shared car parks, etc.

This automat enables the self-service sale or simply issue of fuels with remote control and remote data transfer. When tanking up with liquids, the customer uses a contact-less chip card to pay for the quantity consumed (the chip card serves as an electronic wallet) or simply as identification (the chip card serves as an identification card). The network of filling stations which can be situated anywhere in the world consists of stand-alone liquid vending machines (dispensers). GSM network supporting GPRS transfer is used for communication between the vending machines and the centre. In case that this transfer is not available satellite internet communication can be used.

AVK  portable filling station comprises of:

  • Automatic sales device for liquids ( fuel tank, hydraulic unit, issue equipment, unit for registration of quantity and price of issued liquid, control and data transfer unit, charging unit).
  • Handling area – special handling, and cleaning auxiliary area serving also as a catching reservoir for oil elements.
  • Roofing of handling area with built-in lighting, and optional camera supervision.
  • Additional fuel tank container with operational capacity of 34,000 litres.

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    Obchodní oddělení:
    David Blaschke
    tel: +420 724 780 554
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    Pavel Ondráček
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